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In order for the customers of “City Move” to receive a high level quality of services, our company would like to inform all customers that all information they give for a reservation is safe and our company will not get any of these information out of the company’s files.

Use of Information:

Information asked from a customer is: 1) information for registration for the lessee that chooses to become customer of the company. 2) information that is needed for an online reservation.

In any form of our website that concerns anything of the above it will be asked from you to give: Full name, address, postal code, e-mail, contact phone numbers, methods of payment for the reservation. Also information about the receipt-delivery of the vehicle and for the receipt or the invoice that you may need. All the information above is used from “City Move” in order to have the right information to communicate with the customers for: (i) the right transaction and delivery of your reservation, (ii) For the confirmation and identification of the customer, in case it is needed, (iii) for information about new products and special offers of the company.

Access and protection of your personal information

All the information and Personal data that concers our customers remains strictly confidential and it is only controlled from the responsive department of “City Move” company. Registration of your personal data in any field of our website means that you agree for any use of it from “City Move” for the best services our company can provide.

Programmers of our website and staff of “City Move” always offer a high level security of your personal data, as it is declared in this Security statement of Personal Data.  In no case other than those already mentioned, we will not share your personal information with third parties without your own information and / or consent. Excluding cases where this is deemed necessary for reasons of lawfulness (eg for court decision, law enforcement, etc.).

Right for periodical changes:

As our website is continually improving and expanding, along with the relevant products and services, we have the right to renew this policy accordingly and proportionally. Visit and read the section on time to be informed of any changes to the content of this privacy policy. Changing the terms of this policy towards users can be performed without prior notice to users.

CityMove.gr in NO way collects and stores customer data relating to bank account numbers, credit cards and other items that could be used to cause financial loss to its customers.


City Move is an e-bike and city bike rental company in Thessaloniki. We offer a variety of e-bikes and city bikes in Thessaloniki.


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Dimitriou Gounari 5, Thessaloniki, 54626

+30 231 4030 200

+30 231 4030 200